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Entertainment and Leisure Division

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APEX have many years experience in dealing within the broad spectrum of the entertainment industry and offering insurance solutions to many interesting and varied requirements.

Our specialised product range includes:

Cancellation and non-appearance insurance
for the live music industry and other event organisers providing protection against loss of guarantees, fees, commissions, or costs and expenses, and/or loss of net profit. Our customers include artistes, promoters, agents, venue owners, caterers and merchandisers.

for individuals within the Entertainment Industry, such as musicians or sportsmen/women who purchase cover to protect themselves in the event they are unable to perform in their chosen career through accident or accident or illness. Clubs, record companies, or sponsors also purchase cover on their “signings” in order to protect their assets.

Film and media insurance
for film production companies and advertising agencies.

Contract Bonus Insurance
for Sponsors, sporting goods manufacturers and professional sporting clubs. It indemnifies against any potential exposure that exists under contract - such as player(s) bonuses - to third parties thus releasing funds from the balance sheet to be used elsewhere.

Prize indemnity
often purchased by major household brand names and used as a marketing tool - for example “Your money back on ... if England win the ... World Cup”. It indemnifies the assured / insured for the prize(s) offered by them or enables them to offer a much bigger prize than may have been anticipated.